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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Night at the Ballpark

So, this past Sunday was National Cancer Survivors Day; I'm sure you heard. It's an idea that has a few problems, mainly ignoring those who have died of the disease. Also, it doesn't really cover those living with metastatic cancer, and they should definitely get attention and funding directed to their status. After all, once you've survived cancer treatment and are declared NED (no evidence of disease), it isn't long until you realize your next battle might be Stage IV.

That said, the cancer center I go to has planned a VIP day at the ballpark for cancer survivors. With free parking, free tickets and a buffet picnic, plus a free hat, it sounds to be one of the better celebrations I've been invited to in my eight years as a cancer survivor.

I've contacted our local paper to see if they'd like me to cover the event and write it up for freelance. I'm waiting to hear back from an editor. The woman answering the phone wasn't sure who handled freelance. My guess is they don't do a lot of it, and instead rely on people submitting things for them to use for free.

I'm not offering that. I can just go and enjoy the evening for free anyway; I'm not offering to do their work for nothing.

I wouldn't trust a doctor or medical professional or ballplayer or anyone really who showed up to work with no pay. I'm not playing it any differently.

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